I help professionals create better work-life balance so that they can enjoy their success.

About Me

You are in the right place because after being diagnosed with a devastating auto-immune disorder I learned how to control stress without feeling guilty. I am proud to have created a proven stress management system that helps millions.

Through my world class online training programs, #1 best selling book, and public appearances I help people just like you redefine your relationship with stress improving your health, productivity and satisfaction in life.

In fact, here a few ways I might be able to help:

1. Overcome your biological reaction to stress that works with you no against you.

2. Discover what you have been doing wrong and what it is costing your health, happiness and humanity. 

3. Understand your unique needs and values and communicate them effectively so you can have what you want without feeling guilty. 

I have personally and professionally overcome the mental, emotional and health struggles of undiagnosed chronic stress that led to a devastating autoimmune disorder AND almost cost me my life and family.

After being diagnosed I became pregnant with my third child and had to figure out how to ease my body back into health without losing my daughter. 

When I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis, I was shocked. I was the healthiest person I knew. I ate well, exercise daily and kept up with my two young toddlers, running a business, and moving every 2 years married to a military man.

However, one of the most powerful lessons I learned was, "It's not what you are eating, it is what is eating you"!

I had a very difficult time relaxing and letting go of the demands of running a company, being a mother, wife, daughter and friend. I was carrying a very heavy load of emotional baggage and I was over exercising as my form of “relaxation” further pushing my neurological system into overdrive which equated to dangerous levels of cortisol.

I had to learn how to create peace and calm that worked for me not against me. 

I rolled up my sleeves and started digging for answers to my ill health and overall dissatisfaction with life. When I came across Hans Selye and dug into his research on stress, this one statement opened my eyes for good:

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it", Hans Selye.

Instead of an early grave the doctors were predicting I found a fountain of freedom through a simple 4 step process I developed and now teach to other individuals that can't seem to jump off the hamster wheel long enough to catch their breath and calm their body.

I made it my mission to be a happy, health human, the subtitle of my #1 book, "Bolster Up!" and what I constantly live by and teach, with my 4 pillars of wellbeing. 

Now I travel around the world, often taking my clients with me helping others create a life they love with more work life balance.  People often ask, "How on earth did you get started in all this?"

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in health and fitness and pushing myself beyond my current circumstances.  Early in high school excelled in multiple opportunities of mental and physical toughness, being crowned not once, but twice "best in the nation" for overall leadership. 

I was very involved in promoting powerful messages of physical health not only to peers and elementary school students, but "coached" my teachers as well. Many years later one of my teachers confessed that he quit smoking due to my interventions!

WOW, what a powerful moment that was. I had no crystal ball that would show I would  need to understand the deeper meaning of health to save myself and my child later.

I started my health career as a corpsman in the Navy. Continued to learn more about the human body and start my formal education ending with a Master's Degree in Psychology and certification in health and wellness. 

What was missing in my life upto the point of being diagnosed wasn't healthy eating habits, or lack of exercise. It was not knowing myself, truly knowing what I value most and how to get my needs met. 

Oh, I knew how to get things done. I knew how to work hard. How to keep my mouth shut and "go along to get along". I knew how to struggle, and push hard, and take the hits.

I didn't know how to let my voice be heard, set and keep boundaries. I often did not know what I wanted or how to articulate my needs to be met. 

I had to learn how to think, breath, nourish myself and rest. 

 I did learn how to create my more peace in my mind and body. How to relax at any given moment In the day. I did redefine my relationship with stress with quality recovery throughout the day.

I realized that life is about feeling good and how incredibly important and vital having fun is. I learned it the necessity of staying child-like, NOT childish!

Feel better because you can!

I started BolsterUp to share the truths I uncovered that you can use too. 


It's my mission and commitment to optimize your thinking, health and heart to guide you to meaningful, fun living so you can move beyond your current circumstance and truly live a life you love.

What lights me up about this work is knowing that you are capable of achieving whatever you desire.

By using the latest in neuroscience, psychology and sociology your unique needs and strengths are revealed and you are given a powerful technique to clearly and effectively communicate and fulfill them.

I have over 20 years of experience working with amazing people in organizations from international law firms, educational institutions to hospitals, airplane manufacturers and yogurt makers as well as private clients. Stress management is an easy choice with the right tools, understanding, guidance and leadership. 

I've been featured in multiple publications, including NewsWeek and Success, and Authority magazines, as a sought after professional to address stress, health habits and limiting thinking to create more productivity, and happiness. 

My passion for helping others live more joyfulling and create better work life balance has allowed me to featured in numerous publications, tv appearances and invited to speak on multiple occasions.

You may have seen me in some of these publications.

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But what lights me up the most, is helping you sigh with relief as you learn to let go of what is not supporting your health and happiness, and TRULY stepping into a life you love. 

I was not willing to accept a stress filled life, full of activity but lacking in satisfaction. I knew there must be a better way to work and live that was more fun without shutting everyone and everything out. After all, we still have responsibilities and bills to pay.

I want a thriving career, beautiful home, travel, dancing and loving happy relationship. I want my health and plenty of energy to do things that are fun, not just required to get through the day. I want a happy and satisfying life that I love living. 

I suspect you feel the same way. 

I continue to learn about creating sustainable health and happiness and pass that information along to you. A few of my favorite teachers are Dr. Andrew Weil, father of integrative medicine and continue to use his 4-7-8 breathing technique. Here is a beloved picture of me with Dr. Andrew Weil. 

Other mentors of mine include Dr. Carol Dweck, for her growth mindset approach and Dr. Ellen Langer, the Mother of Mindfulness. Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Suzan Lazar has influenced and reinforced the benefits of my learning from many teachers over the years. 

"I continue to learn about creating sustainable health and happiness and pass that information along to you."

I go out of my way and make it my mission to understand and teach you how to harness the power of deliberate techniques to establish a firm foundation of stress management.

Another lesson learned and often over looked is how often we set ourselves up to laugh. It's no joke that laughing is a powerful producer of good feeling, and a beneficial stress reliever. 

When I got sick I realized I was not engaging in very much pleasure in my life. I was not setting myself up to relax and laugh.


Here is You Come In.

I am here to serve you. To support your new way of being and enjoying more of the good stuff in life. You will be able to let loose and laugh more, love more and feel better overall. I built my business out of love and a passion to being happy, healthy and human. I know when you feel good everyone benefits. 

You have access to multiple tools to support your wellbeing including professional free content, video trainings programs and other products and services that make a true difference immediately. 

Although the focus for me has been on stress management, many use it as their foundation to learn more about themselves and what they value most and need. Many of my clients finally take that vacation, change jobs, regulate their weight, improve their health and become the best version of themselves. 

The benefits of creating a life you love because of good work life balance enhances every are of your life. 

I love my business I have created for your benefit. I love showing others that, yes, they can too do something they value, that feels incredible and maintain a healthy balance of work and recovery. 

I'm not perfect. And when I get fired up and excited about providing a new service or product that I think you will benefit from I go all in.

I do not it all, or how to do everything and in my quest to bring the best to you, I can get frustrated (mostly at technology) and every now and then question myself like any other human.

I do my best with my company to keep issues and mistakes to a minimum and always welcome opportunities for improvement...NOT PERFECTION. I keep my hair way to loose for "perfect". And try to remember why I do this...for you...to feel better. 

I invite on in the inside and start gaining control of your stress and live more peacefully with yourself and others. 

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BolsterUp...Together we live happier, healthier more meaningful lives!


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