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The Power of Effective Communication

Stop Sabatoging Your Relationships and Start Communicating Effectively.

No matter what your life circumstance, the ability to effectively communicate  with others will have a major impact on your job performance and on the quality of your relationships with others.

It may come as a surprise, but communicating with others is the one activity you do more than any other – except for breathing. No doubt there’s plenty of communicating going on in your life. But how effective is it? What results does it get you?

In today’s high-stress, fast-paced world, it is more difficult than ever to find the time to be a good communicator. Simply hearing someone else is not enough; neither is just talking and assuming others immediately understand what you are telling them. The truth is – old habits are hard to break, and if your communication habits are as unskilled as most people’s are, there’s a lot of habit-breaking to do.

You will learn powerful techniques enabling you to more effectively communicate with others using both verbal and nonverbal skills. You will also learn to enhance your listening skills and gain an awareness of what it takes to initiate and respond successfully in your interactions with others.

Learning Outcomes


  • Recognize what successful communication is.
  • Learn how to avoid communication misunderstandings.
  • Assess their communication effectiveness.
  • Identify verbal and nonverbal cues.
  • Identify internal and external factors that impact their communication.

Course Contents

Activity:  “Draw What I Say”
Activity Objective:  Listen to instructions on how to draw an image and attempt to draw what is being described.

Part I – The Messages We Send

  Segment #1: The Four Sides of Communication

Activity:  “Mini-Lecture”
Activity Objective: Listen to a presentation on the four sides of communication and discuss what they  learned.

  Segment #2: The Challenge in Connecting With Others

Activity: “Something in Common”
Activity Objective: Discover commonalities you share with others.

  Segment #3 – Communication Effectiveness

Activity: “Assessing Your Communication”
Activity Objective: Participants use a series of questions to assess the effectiveness of their communication skills.

Part II – The Messages We Receive

  Segment #1 – Truly Listening

Activity:  “The Sounds Around Us”
Activity Objective:  Perform an exercise that heightens you listening skills.
Segment #2 – Measuring Our Listening

Activity:  “Listening Quiz”
Activity Objective: Use a short quiz to asses their current listening skills.
  Segment #3 – Listening With Care

Activity: “Listening with CARE”
Activity Objective: Discover a simple formula for improving your listening skills and then commit to using it.
Application –

Activity: “Laser Learning”
Activity Objective: Compose a short phrase to summarize what you learned and are taking away from the training.


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