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Kaleidoscope of Choices

How What You Think and Choose Colors Your Life

If you surveyed people, most would likely say that being able to choose is a good thing in life. Yet, those same people probably don’t realize the immense power behind this ability. Why? Because we often forget that every choice we make ends up helping form our circumstances. The downside to choice is that every choice comes with consequences, and sometimes those consequences can be severe. The upside to choice is the simple fact that to change our lives for the better, all it takes is for us to make one positive decision at a time.

Each of us has a choice in what kind of life we want to live, and what type of person we wish to be.  Despite our upbringing or the environment we face, our lives are shaped more from the choices we make every moment of our life than from anything else.

You will explore how thoughts, both positive and negative, affect your view of choice and  how the invisible hand of choice is fundamentally shaping your life.

Learning Outcomes
In this course you will…

  • Recognize how choice impacts your life at every moment of every day.
  • Examine how your thoughts, both limiting beliefs as well as what you imagine to be possible, affect your view of choice.
  • Practice holding positive thoughts which can help with making better choices and ultimately move you forward in your life.
  • Use a simple but powerful technique to become more aware of your current circumstances and how those circumstances are being shaped by the choices you make.

Course Contents
Introduction –

Activity: “Kaleidoscope Illusion”
Activity Objective: Participants see how their lives are like a kaleidoscope image that is constantly changing from moment to moment.
Segment #1 – The Prism and Possibility of Life: The Prism

Activity: “Using a Prism”
Activity Objective: Participants recognize how limiting beliefs shut down our sense of choice.
Segment #2 – The Prism and Possibility of Life: Possibility

Activity #1: “Seeing What is Possible”
Activity Objective: Participants recognize how imagining what is possible opens up their sense of choice.
Activity #2: “Revisiting the Idea of Having No Time”
Activity Objective: Participants apply the kaleidoscope brainstorming technique to see what possibilities open up for them.
Segment #3 – Thought and Choice: Having a Vision and Taking Action

Activity:” Positive Movie in Your Mind”
Activity Objective: Participants explore further the idea of holding a positive vision in their minds.

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