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Lighting Your Fire

Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life

We all can recall times in our lives where our motivation has ebbed and flowed.  There were times when we felt a high level of motivation, when nothing could stop us from pursuing a goal or staying committed to a cause that was important to us.  But there were also times when our motivation waned, our resolve felt weak and we couldn’t seem to focus on a goal we said we really wanted.

Why is it that we can sometimes take a goal to its end and other times it loses its flame?

The secret is to understand our own internal personal motivators and how they tie to the goals we set.  Plus there are certain truths about how motivation works and why it subsides.  And most important of all is that within these truths there is a process for reestablishing your sense of motivation that you can use anytime to reignite the flame of a goal.

You will discover what motivation is, how your own individual motivation works, why it fades, and how to get it back so you can successfully accomplish your desired goals.

Learning Outcomes
In this course you will:

  • Learn to build and maintain motivation 24/7.
  • Define what motivation really means.
  • Discover the most common motivation dousers and learn how  to avoid them.
  • Learn a Six Step Formula for rekindling motivation.
  • Discover the top universal motivators and learn how to use them so youfeel fulfilled and are able to win the confidence of others.

Course Contents

Introductory Activity – “Creating a Fire” – A Way to Define Motivation
Activity Objective: : Participants choose appealing words and phrases to define motivation.
Segment #1 – Lighting the Fire

Activity #1: “My Motivational Sparks”
Activity Objective: Participants review common key motivators and identify which resonate most with them.
Activity #2: “A Successful Fire”
Activity Objective: Participants apply the elements of motivation to a personal goal that was previously achieved.
Segment #2 – When the Fire Wanes

Activity #1: “The Flame Subsides”
Activity Objective: Participants identify a goal they are no longer pursuing and explore reasons why they lost the motivation to pursue that goal.
Segment #3 – Rekindling the Fire

Activity #1: “The Steps of Re-kindling”
Activity Objective: Participants take notes during a mini-lecture and identify insights about the rekindling process.
Activity #2: “A Personal Re-kindling”
Activity Objective: Participants apply the Six Step Rekindling Process to a prior personal goal.

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