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The Rebel Within

Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential

Most people are totally unaware of the fact that they have an inner, self-sabotaging voice constantly speaking to them. This voice will say things that, at first, sounds like wise advice meant to protect them from getting hurt, being rejected, or experiencing disappointment.

This voice will say things like:

“You’re going to look like a fool.”
“Don’t try that. It’ll never work.”
“People aren’t going to like that.
“You’re not experienced enough to make that work.”
“Don’t wear that dress; it makes you look fat.”
“You’ll embarrass yourself if you try that.”
“It’s too much effort to do that. And it won’t work, anyway.”
The question is: Have you ever heard this inner voice saying these things to you? The answer for all of us is, yes!

We all have an inner, self-sabotaging voice (some voices louder than others) that we must recognize, acknowledge and deal with otherwise this voice will do everything in its power to hold you back and prevent you from moving forward towards your deepest hopes and dreams. You can be sure that the bigger your dream is, the louder this voice will be, telling you over and over that changing anything in your current life is too risky, too dangerous, too stupid, too hopeless, too unattainable, or completely ill-advised. It will do its utmost to convince you that if you do try changing some aspect of your life, you will definitely end up getting hurt or meeting with failure. Preserving the status quo is what this inner voice wants, and it will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Your participants will learn to recognize the inner, self-sabotaging voice speaking in them, and give them the techniques they need to combat it. This inner voice will never completely leave them, but they can neutralize it so they can start living out their biggest and brightest future!

Learning Outcomes
In this course you will:

  • Define the characteristics of your inner, self-sabotaging voice.
  • Recognize three main tactics your inner, self-sabotaging voice uses to keep you stuck in your current life situation.
  • Become more aware of how to counteract the effects of your inner, self-sabotaging voice so that you are less impacted by its influence and freer to move forward in your life.

Course Contents

Activity: “Our Unlived Lives”
Activity Objective: Participants reflect on how true they have been to honoring their dreams.
Step #1 – Identify the Rebel Within

Activity: “Character Sketch”
Activity Objective: Participants define the characteristics of their Rebel Within.
Step #2 – Recognize its Tactics

Activity #1: “The Rebel’s Tactics”
Activity Objective: Participants learn the most damaging tactics used by their Rebel Within.
Activity #2: “I am…”
Activity Objective: Participants complete an activity using the phrase “I am…,” thus realizing how their Rebel Within has defined them in limiting ways.
Step #3 – Stop it in its Tracks

Activity: “Useful Weapon Against Attack”
Activity Objective: Participants examine the ways in which their own Rebel Within works, and the lies it tells to keep them stuck in their status quo.

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