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Happy Ways, Happy Days

The Wondrous Search for Happiness and Where to Find It

Everyone wants to be happy, but at the same time, we seem to struggle with where to find it or to even understand what it is. The fact is, each of us has the capacity to carry and enjoy a great deal of happiness. The problem is that we haven’t created a space for it to show up in our lives.

We must eliminate the clutter that makes us feel anxious, worried and dissatisfied so we can intentionally pursue those things that fill our hearts with joy. With the implementation of a few simple strategies, happiness can be more readily found.

You will discover how to move away from unhappiness and negativity, make necessary course corrections, and get back on the trail to a happier life.

In this course you will discover:

  • The top 5 things that are clouding your happiness
  • How to eliminate negativity and start healing any lingering sadness.
  • A simple 3-step process to put you back on track to true happiness.
  • How to custom design your own happy life – not just a few fleeting moments.
  • A surprising way to find happiness, anywhere,  at any time.
  • 12 proven ways to naturally increase your dopamine & serotonin.

Course Contents

Module 1: Spotting Happiness 

Module 2: Moving Away From Unhappiness 

Module 3: What Needs to Change?

Module 4: Life Satisfaction Web Graph 

Module 5: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

Module 6: Making Others Happy 

Module 7: Committing to Happiness


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