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Overcoming Procrastination

Have you ever procrastinated? Your answer to this question is most likely – yes!  Everyone has put something off, convincing themselves they will get to it at a later date.

Procrastination involves an inner conflict between something we want or need to accomplish and a resistance to actually doing it. Even though procrastination inevitably shows up in each of our lives, we can’t take its presence lightly. In today’s fast-paced world, it is even more important to manage our time efficiently and limit procrastination as much as possible.

You will increase your awareness of what procrastination is, why you do it, and what can be done to overcome it. You will regain your personal productivity, lessen your sense of guilt, re-energize your motivation, and develop specific strategies for dealing with this annoying habit so procrastination no longer negatively impacts your life.

Learning Outcomes
In this teleseminar you will discover:

How to identify your distraction patterns as soon as you start.
How to boost your personal productivity.
Custom strategies to re-ignite your motivation at any time.
The Three Key Signs of procrastination and how to intervene before they take over.
The most common procrastination traps and how to avoid them.

Course Contents
Introduction –

Activity: “First-hand Experience”
Activity Objective: Participants discuss what procrastination is by looking at examples in their lives.
Segment #1 – Why We Procrastinate

Activity: “The Reasons We Procrastinate”
Activity Objective: Participants review the different reasons why they procrastinate and rank them in order.
Segment #2 – The Signs of Procrastination

Activity #1: “The Signs You’re Procrastinating”
Activity Objective: Participants learn about important signs that indicate if they are procrastinating.
Activity #2: “Warning Signs in My Life”
Activity Objective: Participants gauge which procrastination warning signs appear frequently in their lives.
Segment #3 – Strategies to Help You Overcome Procrastination



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