I help professionals create better work-life balance so that they can enjoy their success.

New YOU Solutions

Why don't New Year Resolutions work?

First, no accountability. Going it alone doesn't work. Second, lack of time management. And Third, no plan.

 Well, You're in LUCK. Now...it's NO PROBLEM!  Save Time, Save Money, Feel Good.

Join the "New YOU Solutions" Program.  This is a brand new program, a baby if you will.  The content is tried, trued and trusted, but the delivery is different. You will still be surrounded by a positive force of inspiration and other like minded people to hold you accountable, like my other programs.  However the format is LIVE webinars!  Yes, I know, cool right?  But like any new thing, there may be little issues to work out, plus I will need YOUR feedback to see how to grow this "baby".  

 By joining in with my new baby you SAVE BIG!  

You get proven strategies for effective time management that anyone can do! And most importantly, a proven system to achieve your biggest goals. Without an proven active plan, there is no solution!

 Your New YOU Solution Program includes

  • 6 weeks of live training, downloads, and
  • 24 hour access to information in case you miss the live show.
  • PLUS, Private Facebook group,
  • free question and answer sessions after each live presentation and answers to posted questions.

 “All You Need to Achieve"

 Webinar # 1 Your Rebel Within:

 Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential

 Webinar #2 Building a Foundation of Values

 Understanding What Matter Most To YOU!

 Webinar #3 Overcoming Procrastination

 Learning the Art of Getting Things Done

 Webinar #4 Conqure The Time Challenge

 Effective Strategies To Reclaim Your Time

 Webinar #5 Your Vision and Goals

 Visioning – What is it and Why it’s

Important With Proven Step by Step System of Goal Setting

 #6 Building Your Best Year Ever

 Putting it all together: Design for Destiny

 The value of this program is well over $1, 200.  For less than the cost of one private session you get six full weeks of live training, information, and a lifetime access to all the information.  All this for helping me with my new baby!

 My Team was initially pricing this program due to all the content, private accountably, and resources to over $600, and will be closer to $600 in the future.  But I wanted to serve as many of my people as possible and kick start 2017 with BANG! 

 You can Join Me and others Right Now for the one of kind New YOU Solutions for under $300!  This is HUGE. A Real Game Changer.  Click the buy button now to reserve your special seat.





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